What is A Daily Multivitamin?

A Multivitamin is a blend of either all or most of the essential nutrients that our body requires daily. These minerals & vitamins are vital as they keep the body in check, resist injections & help us feel more active & energized. 

Taking vitamins regularly helps overcome nutritional deficiencies, & other health problems. Some of the health issues that can be avoided by the everyday consummation of multivitamins are: Heart & Kidney issues, Muscle & Energy loss, Weak Immune Systems &  Excess Anxiety. 

Who Should Consume Multivitamins?

For the most of us, food is more than just something that provides us with energy. It is an indulgent treat & an emotion. In India, the percentage of the population consuming unbalanced diets is inflating. A study concluded that “About 36% of Indian women consume fried food weekly & 10% consume it daily. Aerated drinks are consumed daily by 5% of women and weekly by 20% of women.” This is more or less the same as the men.

These food items do not provide any subsequent fiber, iron, magnesium, potassium, or vitamins.

Here is a comprehensive list by the Oregan State University that points towards who may have a shortage of important vitamins & minerals. These are the groups that can benefit the most from the regular consumption of vitamins:

  • Ladies who have either hit puberty, are pregnant, or lactating.
  • Obese individuals who might not have a healthy diet lack essential nutrients.
  • Infants, children, and adolescents who are flourishing & growing.
  • Older adults as they need more nutrient-dense diets due to age.
  • People that consume alcohol very frequently, have had a bariatric operation, or are on some particularly prescribed medicines.
  • People with lesser nutrient intakes, or vegans & vegetarians that might not be able to consume a holistic, healthy diet face shortage. 
  • People with Vitamin D deficiency, including those who use sunscreen regularly, cover all their skin when out.

Are there any risks to Multivitamins?

The primary difference of opinion against the usage of multivitamins is that ‘it can lead to the excess of certain nutrients, which could eventually lead to more health problems that before.’ But it is far from the truth. Many studies put an end to all such claims that point towards health concerns that regular intake of multivitamins can lead to. 

If you feel you have a pretty active lifestyle, then adding vitamins will only enhance every day. 

How to Choose the Right One?

When it’s time to choose the correct multivitamin, the options are endless & it can also be confusing. There are a huge number of pills, liquids, powders, and gummies that are available. And a person can go haywire without being led in the right kind of direction. Many-a-times, most companies advertise or make unsubstantiated claims, unsustainable making it even harder to select between all the noise.

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Bottom Line

A multivitamin is not to be considered a magic pill or a fill-in to a healthy lifestyle. Consuming a multivitamin a day will not help when it comes to eating healthy. Rather the chief purpose of a supplement is to help fill the nutritional gaps you did not know existed.

Also, it is important that you consult a physician or do thorough research before finalizing a certain supplement.