In layman’s language, Whey Protein is a by-product of milk. Milk predominately has two kinds of protein content – casein & whey. A certain mixture of proteins is separated from whey during the production of cheese from milk. And this mixture of protein is called Whey Protein

It is popular amongst body-builders & used as a supplement because it has substantial amounts of all the essential amino acids that are required by the human body to carry out the necessary functions that protein performs in the body. 

Types of Whey Proteins

  1. Isolate Whey Protein
  2. Concentrate Whey Protein 
  3. Hydrolyzed Whey Protein


6 Proven Benefits of Whey Protein 

    • Lowers Blood Pressure & Cholesterol  

High Blood Pressure or Hypertension is one of the key risk factors for heart-related diseases. And regular intake of dairy products is related to reduced hypertension. 

Research issued in the International Dairy Journal found that beverages with whey protein significantly lowered the risk of blood pressure in patients, which eventually lowered the risk of heart disease & stroke. 

A study wherein 70 overweight women & men were given whey for around 12 weeks. The results showed that the total cholesterol & LDL cholesterol levels decreased remarkably.

    • Enhanced Muscle Mass & Recovery

As we grow older, our muscle mass starts declining, which leads to fat gain & health risks. However, with the combination of strength training & adequate diet, it can be either slowed or prevented. 

In a study involving highly fit cyclists, consuming leucine after a workout showed enhanced speed & overall less tiredness the next day. It is also proven to improve strength in aged people with muscle deprivation. 

    • Reduces Hunger Pangs & Weight Loss

Have you ever felt satiated after eating certain kinds of food? Well, it basically means the feeling of fullness. It helps stay full for a longer period of time & suppress unnecessary cravings. Whey having high protein content helps us feel fuller & eat fewer calories. 

All this, with a boosted metabolism that helps burn more calories aids in faster weight loss. A study with 158 people showed that those who were given whey lost more body fat & maintained lean muscles than the other control group. 

    • Anti-Cancer Properties 

Some studies have shown the potential of whey protein to fight cancer. A number of animal experiments show that concentrates of whey have anti-carcinogenesis & anti-cancer activity.

Another study published in Anticancer Research also pointed toward some promising results. 

    • Reduces Excess Inflammation 

Inflammation is an essential bodily function. The inflammatory cells travel to the injured area, attack bacteria, or heal damaged tissues, on activation by the immune system. It plays a necessary role in the body’s healing. 

However, if these cells stay for too long, it can cause chronic inflammation which interferes with the body’s ability to repair & heal.

A report in the National Library of Medicine showed that whey protein supplementation reduced inflammation markers in patients with IS.

    • Protects against Allergies & Asthma in Children 

Not only adults, but children also benefit from whey protein. Infants who consume whey in the initial 3-12 months have lower risks of redness, itchy skin & other allergic reactions later in life, as proved by a study. 

Another study with 11 children, found that children with asthma who had 10 gms of whey protein daily for two times had improved immune systems in 1 month.  

How to Consume it?

Whey typically comes in powder form. There are many flavors in the market to suit different taste profiles.  

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You can have whey protein in more ways than you can imagine. Check the instructions available, but you can mix a scoop in water or toss it in the blender to make a delicious protein smoothie! You can even add it to your oatmeal, muffins, protein bars or pancake – the possibilities are endless. 


Whey protein is a stellar source of protein that is effortlessly absorbed by our body. It can be consumed by weight watchers, bodybuilders or literally anyone who thinks they lack natural proteins in their everyday diet. 

But as with any supplement, it should be consumed in moderation & as advised by the physician or label.